Wednesday 8th April 2015

Today the girls were learning survival….

Boo has been reading the Hunger Games, so, today they have been hunting with a home made bow and (luckily, imaginary) arrows.

I’m so happy to have Boo reading, I wasn’t sure when it would happen at age almost 8 she wasn’t reading at all, and within the space of a month she had read the first Harry Potter book. Since beginning reading (two months before turning 8) she has read anything and everything she can get her hands on. She reads fiction, she reads non-fiction, she reads Enid Blyton to Suzanne Collins, Terry Pratchett to whoever it was that wrote Garfield (I’m sorry mr author but your name escapes me right now). When a subject interests her she finds a book about it and she reads it, it doesn’t matter whether it’s identifying the bird that’s in the tree outside or exactly what military formations the Romans preferred, I even caught her reading a book about the Fibonacci sequence the other day. This is what I did, I read, I found everything I wanted to know in books. I also wrote things down, over and over, lots of lists, I’m sure the writing will come when she is ready. I’m not in a hurry.

Kapla building bargains #homeed

Monday we managed a rare charity shop browse and succeeded in finding an amazing bargain.

We have wanted a box of Kapla for about 4 years now (by we I really mean me but the others love it too…) but at £35 to £45 for the smallest box it has been a luxury we can’t afford and so the girls only get to indulge when at friends, and then only when they get it out. So, imagine my delight (and speed) upon spotting a box priced at £7.50! I opened it up just to check there weren’t just 6 pieces laying in the bottom of the box and discovered the box was pretty much complete (I didn’t count them or anything – i’m not that obsessive).

We got them home and began to create immediately. Today Yogi built towers, this was her favourite,


Lion Boy – Geography according to Boo & Yogi

After having listened to the second book in the series by Zizou Corder, the girls have been interested in plotting the routes taken, and the places in the story.

It led to the drawing of this map, discussions on specific real life places (including finding pictures online) and discovering that the Lion of Marco is a very real feature of the city.


Sadly, we’ve lost our copies of these books somewhere along the way, we’re currently surviving on an audio book of the second in the series. Once we find them (acquire them) we will read the whole series to the girls. I had thought that at 5 & 7 they would be too young, but it seems not. They may not be able to read yet but they do have an amazing level of understanding – through not having been dumbed down I guess.

Never too old

It’s years since I could be considered a ‘scientist’ and truth be told I miss some of it.

These days, with the girls mostly getting on with learning ‘stuff’ their own way, I’ve found myself getting a little bored.

This prompted a little searching of myself to think of what I could do whilst being there with them. Crafting is out due to physical issues. Aha! I could recap (read start all over again due to brain fog) some of what I once knew… Into the loft I went, and right there in front of me, almost begging to be allowed a second shot at teaching me something, were my old Organic Chemistry books – particularly my very favourite Hart Craine Hart Organic Chemistry a short course! It was fate. Totally meant to be.

So now, I won’t be bored while the girls are busy AND as a bonus they get to see some educating oneself with enthusiasm, and that you don’t suddenly know everything once you’re a grown up, you can in fact learn more!


Yogi works on measuring & maths

Yogi spent a good portion of this morning measuring out rice and lentils…

Did you know that a tall thin cylinder can hold less than a short fat beaker? Or that 50ml fits into 250ml 5 times? Or that 50ml is half of 100ml?

We also discovered that it is easier to use a smaller spoon to fill a thin necked cylinder, and that doing it that way (rather than a large spoon filling a short fat beaker), takes longer… All simple things that she already knew but enjoyed exploring further.


Boo plays piano

I could hear the ‘din’ from upstairs.
I snuck into Grandmas dining room and found the culprit. Boo sat, oblivious to my presence and played uninhibited for almost half an hour.

She played loud, furious notes, she played quiet, gentle notes, she did some ‘plinky plonky’ bits. It was beautiful to hear. Totally uninhibited she explored grandmas old pianola (in piano mode), pausing sometimes as she played, turning her head to listen and repeating notes she liked.

I recorded about 4 minutes of it, just to listen to another time. I wanted to get a representative sample I hope I did. Some ‘passages’ actually sounded beautiful, some were a little jarring. I’d love to have a piano at home and the patience to just let her explore.